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Alien Records

1. Double Agent 4:43                 DOWNLOAD  

2. Time Flies By 4:57     DOWNLOAD    Lyrics Time flies by

3. Love Is All 3:30          DOWNLOAD

Lyrics Love is all

4. You Think 4:00           DOWNLOAD

Lyrics You think

5. It's over 4:24              DOWNLOAD

6. Purple Haze 4:07        DOWNLOAD

7. Sooner Or Later 4:28  DOWNLOAD

Lyrics Sooner or later

8. Do What 4:56             DOWNLOAD

Lyrics Do what

Neutral Statements about socially relevant, demanding and challenging issues. Ideological and Political findings. Ideological Neutrality. Unbiased Outlooks on life.

Freedom of Belief. Learning about physics, theory of mind, interpersonal relationships, common sense, enlightenment illumination and other aspects of this world.