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Jon Otis: Voc, Drums, Perc, Keyb

Darnell Summers: Keyb, Voc

Hillary "izrah" Williams: Bass

Gill Gomez: Guit

Joe Klingelhofer: Steeldrums on "Beyond Space-Time"

Produced by: Jon Otis

Executive Producer: Steve Foster

Recorded at :Shanti Studios, CH-3807 Iseltwald, Switzerland

Engineered by:

Pedi Sterchi, Darnell Summers, Jon Otis, Steve Foster, Daniel Extreme

Mixed at: Funbox by Fabio Baltensberger

These Recordings are a Co-Production of:

Lakeside Music, Space-Time-Music-CH

World Oldest Profession

Lyrics The World's oldest Profession  


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